Seamless Link Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2003. Throughout these few years, we have grown consistently, although our history might not be long, aided by our aggressive pursuit of technology advancement and willingness to continue on improving our products & providing the best services for all our customers. Our customers are mainly from the semiconductor related industries.

We do design and develop some simple equipments using custom-made high power light source for our customers in helping them to improve their products quality assurance. All our custom-made high power light sources are developed from our factory in China. We also provide laminar flow workstation (Cleanbench comes with total solution: HEPA/ULPA filter + Ioniser) and customized stainless steel furniture suitable for Clean room environment, such as stools, trolleys, cabinets, tables and isolation platform. 

Our mission is to continue to provide good support and solution for our customers and to achieve our vision of helping our customers & suppliers to grow.



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